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Reference: AT5 001

Klee ring

Large round ring (5mm thick) + medium round. Handmade. Material: plexiglass. Diameter: 50 abt PRODUCT CODE: AT5 001

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Reference: OTC 002

Balla 1 earrings

Short trapeze + medium rhombus earrings with 925 silver hook Handmade. Dimensions: 80 x 35 (h x w) Material: plexiglass. PRODUCT CODE: OTC 002  

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Reference: A3D 001

Botero Ring

3 medium rounds in fan/triangle shaped ring. Handmade. Material: plexiglass. Dimensions: 35x35 abt PRODUCT CODE: A3D 001

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Reference: CKAL 001

KANDINSKY Light Necklace 1

Kandinsky Light necklace (2 arches) Handmade Material: plexiglas, vintage resin, pvc, plasticized metal wire, steel chain Length: abt 15 cm + adjustable chain PRODUCT CODE: CKAL 001

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Reference: SPF 001-2,5,6

Futur 1 brooch

Futur brooch with 3 rounds and various figures. Handmade. Material: plexiglass. Dimensions: 60 x 45 mm PRODUCT CODE: SPF 001-2,5,6

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