The Formespazioroma art project was born in 2006.

Every piece is designed and handmade by Sonia Stuppia and Luigi Cigola at the company's farmhouse workshop in the Roman countryside.

Each creation is unique, 100% made in Italy from high quality, environmentally-friendly materials.

The two designers are "children of the twentieth century" and their works often incorporate features derived from the artistic movements of that highly creative period. In fact, numerous Formespazioroma pieces are inspired by, and even named after, famous painters.

Contemporary designs, bold colours, geometric patterns, vivid cuts, overlaps and 3D effects are among the distinctive features of their collections.

Their pieces wear like veritable sculptures, spontaneous associations of elementary geometric shapes. Each small masterpiece is intended for a cultured and select public, for lovers of art and design, and modern women who want to stand out in the metropolitan crowd.

Every creation is the result of the synergy between Luigi and Sonia and an expression of their philosophy.


Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale (FESR) CONCESSIONE DI € 8.968,29 PER LA REALIZZAZIONE DEL PROGETTO (PVF Progetto Visibilità Formespazio) CHE PREVEDE LA PARTECIPAZIONE A FIERE INTERNAZIONALI E LA REALIZZAZIONE DI UN CATALOGO ONLINE IN LINGUA INGLESE. Determina Dirigenziale dell’Autorità di gestione n. G07769 del 23/06/2015.